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Archive for June, 2008


First Post, Revisted.

I wrote a post that I published on June 14th, 2008.  The tone of that post was fucked; way too serious.  I made myself sound like a dickface.  While I am putting together a first real post, here is a frighteningly real list.

How I have used my Bard diploma thus far:

  • As a door stop.
  • As a hard surface on which to write a note.
  • As a fan on a day that it was pretty hot out.
  • I scraped my fingernail across the surface and found that it makes that cool scratching sound. I spent 15 minutes pretending I was a DJ.
  • To prop up a wobbly table.
  • As a hard surface on which to roll one.
  • As coaster for a cold drink.
  • As a window prop.

For nearly a quarter of a million dollars you would think they could have given me two copies.

Side Note:

The third season of Californication is about premier on September 27th at 10PM.  Half of the reason to watch the show is the very likely possibility that you will see some boobs- Hank Moody (David Duchovny) likes the ladies.

Off screen, Duchovny seems to like the ladies a whole lot too.  Enough to go to rehab.  That’s a lot of lovin’.   Either Duchovny has an agent with a sense of humor or he has taken method acting to a whole other level.

Also, Dumbing Us Down will change your perspective on education.  Truly a must for anyone who has survived the public school system (especially in an urban context).  Read it for realzies.  Its less thick than a 2$ worth of stacked quarters.

There seems to be a theme here based on starting and stopping blogs… Maybe Comedy Blog will stop that.