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Archive for September, 2009


Introducing Obama Fail!

Obama Fail! is an as-they-come chronicling of Obama’s missteps.  But this is not Fox News.  The missteps are more along the line of things that he is doing that undermine his brand image. Side note, Obama indeed has a brand image to protect.  His campaign has won two prestigious awards for their marketing technique: the Cannes Lion Ad award and the Advertising Age’s Marketeer of the year 2008 award.

The first Obama Fail I would like to point out has to do with Guantanamo Bay. In Obama’s first week as president he signed an order to close the prison on the navel base in January 2010 (order signed Jan 22 2009). The prison houses both prisoners from the war on terrorism overseas (who are not protected under the Geneva Convention, as America does not define them as soldiers) and random Muslims handpicked from the 50.

Eight months later, Defense Secretary Gates has said, “If you have to extend that date, at least you should have a strong plan showing you’re making progress in that direction …it shouldn’t be a problem to extend it and we’ll just see whether that has to happen or not.”

Anyone who has had to deal with authority figures knows that when they something may not happen, it means it ain’t gonna happen. At least Gates had the foresight to know people might not be too happy about this.  For a campaign that won on a promise of change, closing Guantanamo Bay was seen as a beacon of that change. But now it seems as though it will be Bushness as usual over at the Obama White House.

Perhaps Barry is not yet ready to start pulling back the islamophobia that Bush helped cultivate.  Perhaps it makes Obama seem like more of a real American, because as a real American you better hate and be irrationally scared of some group, otherwise you’re a commie. Or gay.

But for now, without any definite date for its closure, Guantanamo Bay will remain a beacon of American islamophobia and indifference to human rights.

In case you don’t wanna take my word for it: CNN Says,  Gates: Closing Guantanamo prison ‘more complicated’

It’s hard to be critical of Obama without sounding like a pundit on fox news. Glad I dropped this “column.”