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Archive for December, 2011


Check Spot, A Week Later

Based off the “success” of the first check spot, I got another.

Stand Up NY is very good to me.

It went well. I was less nervous, but still a little stunted. I’ve reached levels of energy and enthusiasm in open mic performances that I have yet to reach in a real show. I have to get there.

But people laughed, and I left to the biggest laugh of my set, so, showmanship points. I’m not totally comfortable in front of a paying audience yet. I’m still very green (as in a year and change isn’t long for a comedian at all) and I need more real stage time. Being a year into comedy is like being a year old baby, I’m starting to get a handle on being coordinated but I can barely function and I tend to shit myself. This check spot showed me the value of open mics.

I don’t stumble when the audience doesn’t laugh at a joke or isn’t paying attention. I don’t get mad or distracted. And my material works. I just need to sell it. I need to bump up the performance.

If I had to have a game plan on how to do that it would have to be running around the Lower East Side, trying to get on as many real shows as possible. I need to learn to work a crowd and sell my jokes hard. I have to figure out how to get the crowd pumped up on the front end, I’m confident that I can work that energy after that. I’ve done it before.

Maybe I’m just saying I need to open with a super strong joke. Comedy 101.


Check Spot

Today I had my first check spot.

They have a reputation for being terrible. Just extremely tough spots where the audience is too wrapped up in paying the check to pay you any mind.

That being said, I did the spot in one of the best clubs in the city. Stand Up NY is generous with the comics who preform there. The staff really pushes to create a great atmosphere where comedy and having a good time are the focus. They succeed. And as far as check spots go, the wait staff and hosts do an amazing job at making it as easy as possible, people actually pay attention (though they do talk).

It was my first time in front of a legitimate paying audience in a comedy club. It went well. I’ve seen comics eat their ass during this spot, and I didn’t (thank god). But I didn’t kill. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do so. That was stupid because now I can’t be happy with doing fine.

I didn’t preform my jokes, I told them. Comedians that hold your attention preform their jokes as they tell them. It’s a balance that takes a while to own, I’ve only just started to do it at open mics. The crowd laughed where they were supposed to and I told every joke I wanted to (not being able to remember each joke was a fear I had). I Even ad libbed a little, so I had solid victories. But I didn’t carry the energy from joke to joke. I was a little stiff. I was a little nervous.

I felt as though the audience mirrored my energy.

Now I know what to expect and I will kill the next spot. I had fun, I can’t wait.