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Archive for January, 2012


Goals For This Year

This year I have a few goals.

  1. Have more confidence on what I have to offer as a comedian.
  2. Be on at least 12 shows (that’s one a month). Check spots count.
  3. Write more. Way more. Seriously, what is wrong with me.
  4. Continue expanding my presence in the NYC stand up comedy scene.
  5. Maintain this blog!

These are all practical goals. I definitely play it too safe, I’m ultimately frightened by my own success and potential. Which is why I was a solid B+ student my entire academic “career.”

I don’t want to be a mediocre comedian.

“Anyone here fly recently? Planes be all like, in the sky and shit”


Year One*

I started going to open mics October 17, 2009. Or October 25th, 2009. I’m not sure, there are some discrepancies in my notes.

Factoring in some time lost due to a nasty case of strep, January 1st, 2012, marks a year of stand up. (To be clear, one year in comedy is nothing. A drop in the bucket – one best forgotten at that). I think I have had a fairly successful first year.

My goal was to be booked on a show, to be asked to tell my jokes. I met my goal in a weird way: I wasn’t “booked” on a real show. Instead I was offered two check spots at a comedy club. For those who don’t know, a check spot is the time during which the audience pays for their drinks. They are distracted, talking, and realizing comedy clubs charge 10$ for beer.

Check spots are a notch above being booked in a bar show because they happen in an official comedy venue. It is common at this moment in comedy for people to work their way into clubs from independently produced shows – and it’s not uncommon for them to get started with check spots as well. I am starting at the bottom of a ladder that I want to climb, I don’t have to switch ladders (go from bars to clubs).

The check spot is also like a stamp of approval from an official comedy institution.

I also started hosting an open mic at Stand Up NY (Tuesdays). I remember watching the hosts at their Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mics and wondering how they got that. Now I know – they asked.

And lately I’ve been having some really swell open mic sets that were winged.

I feel as though I accomplished a lot during my first year. It’s been insane watching a new set of inexperienced, green stand ups come out – another thing that has made me feel like I made some progress. I’m no longer new to stand up.

I had a successful first year, though it is scary to think that THIS is the closest thing I have to a career.

*This post is guaranteed to be better than that movie, Year One.