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See, I prove once again that I am terrible at having a blog.

Even for a stand up comic, blogs seem self indulgent.

But now I am really going to try, even it is just a small post once a week or more. For serious.

With that said, anyone who hasn’t seen Six Days to Air should. It is about how the South Park team puts an episode together. It makes me want to work there. But the thing that I took away from it was something one of the two said, it doesn’t matter which one in the end, about writing stories.

One of the two says, and this is a paraphrase, that instead of writing this happens and this happens and then this happens, it instantly makes a story more interesting to write this happens therefore this happens but then this happens.  I thought it was an interesting way to think about telling a story.

I added an app so that I can post from my iPad. iPad purchase brag.

Don’t hold your breath for another post in 2012