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I been writin’

According to the emails I get, this blog mostly gets visits from spambots. They make an awful lot of comments.

I’ve been writing a lot. It offsets the guilt of not writing on this blog. Ugh… I am so not into blogs. Any who! The last thing I wrote I really want to see made. It is ticklish. Here it is, attached in PDF form and maybe I’ll put it up if I can figure out how.

Its called Guten Tag, Juden! Enjoy!


die Blog, die.

I’m terrible at having a blog, I always forget about it. Or get to busy and convince myself that I can’t put in the time.

It makes me scared of if I’m capable of ever having a real job. Something where you go in, day after day, year after year, forever and then you die. Maybe It’s a good thing I can’t handle a 9-5.