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Remember Ross Perot? Sure you do.

Ross Perot dresses up as Walter White


Blog – 3 Noah – 0

I cannot maintain a blog.

And then to have the added pressure of making it funny??? I dont know…

I’m going to blame my lack of posting on my new job.

At the moment they’ve sent me to Tucson, because sometimes TV is made in Tucson.

Even though it is a different state, I can’t help but see Breaking Bad all over the place. After all, so many deserts look the same. Some sand here, some shrubbery there, a cactus. And tumbleweeds. My god the tumbleweeds.

I am tempted to test how Mexican I look. But I’ll have to step one further, I have to look illegal. I’m not too sure how to look illegal. Perhaps it just involves looking Mexican. Maybe I have to have a bag of oranges with me. Or a whole flock of brown babies holding hands and walking with me like some sort of pied piper of el norte.

It may be as simple as looking like I have a job that requieres manual labor.

It’s win win really. I either don’t get picked up and work out the week, or I get a free trip to Mexico.

The only thing I know for sure is there is certaintly enough tumbleweed in Tucson.


Conan Writing Packet

Here is a writing packet submitted to The Tonight Show. And it’s from Demitri Martin, makes it extra interesting (mainly because he went on to have success).

This packet is a treasure for anyone who has no idea what goes into a writing packet for late night. Enjoy!



Some Articles from GNN


An update for the ether.

I gots three updates:

  • I included all the posts from my last blog, RacialPolitik. This accomplished a few things:
    1. Adds bulk to this blog.
    2. Makes me feel like I’ve done more work than I have.
    3. Consolidates my failures.
    4. Maybe that last one isn’t a real point. I’m just glad to have put all my blog work in one place.

    So that’s good.

  • I put a lot of work into making this blog appealingly functional. I like it, I hope whoever reads it will too.
  • Today I realized I need a 9 to 5 job. Or an anytime job. Basically, I need a job. I discovered this as I left my house specifically to go to Subway for their Italian b.m.t. sandwich. I ate it and went home. Had I a job, this never would have happened.

So that’s that. I really need to write some new jokes to completion. From beginning to end. Punchline and all. Maybe in the morning.